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Our corporate vision is "Create the future of the earth with solar energy".
Through the provision of products and services that utilize environmental technologies, we are challenging day by day with the hope that many happy smiles will increase around the world.

We act as a business from the desire to improve the global environment, such as intermediary sales of photovoltaic power generation equipment that creates safe and secure natural energy, and the total sales agent of "Super Eco Cleaner (detergent)" that improves water quality just by using it.

Safe and safe natural energy
photovoltaic power plant

Company information

NameTSP Co., Ltd.
Business【Create the future of the earth with solar energy】
  • Selling photovoltaic power plants utilizing FIT
  • Detergent that is friendly to people, goods and environment "Super Eco Cleaner"
Curio dealer licenseHiroshima Prefecture Public Safety Commission No. 731031600014
Issued May 31, 2016

【Hiroshima OFFICE】
1-17-25-2F, Deshio Minami-ku, Hiroshima-shi, 734-0001
TEL:082-253-0528 ⁄ FAX:082-253-0548


From Hiroshima Station
Take the Hirobusu bus number 5 "To the university hospital", get off the "Deshio 1 chome", walk 1 minute (required time: about 20 minutes)

From Hatchobori · Kamiya-cho direction
Hiroshima bus (red bus) No. 23 "To the university hospital" ride, 1 minute walk after getting off "Deshio 1 chome" (required time: about 20 minutes)

EstablishmentDecember 1, 1996
Capital10 million yen
PresidentTaeko Tada  
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