Our thoughts

We will help you to create your assets
through environment-friendly environment projects for people, goods and the earth.

"Create the future of the earth with solar energy".

In 2016, we celebrated our 20th year. Since the establishment of the company,
we regard the "economic development equal environmental destruction" as a serious problem to be absolutely avoided.
We are developing business that is friendly to people, goods and the earth.
Our solar business and super eco cleaner (detergent) are projects that can change the earth together with you,
contribute to the global environment and society.
Grateful for "nature" who brought up and brought us up,
let's start a business together for a bright future where nature and people can coexist together.

Proposal of solar power plant project mainly engaged by the Japanese government

Safety and safety natural energy
Solar power plant intermediary sales

We began our mega solar project in 2010.
Following the Great East Japan Great Earthquake of March 2011, the government steered to renewable energy and the fixed price purchase system (FIT) began in 2012 the following year.
We have started the solar business before the system started. So, we have a powerful network of solar companies in all over Japan.
With this, you do not have to contact a huge number of supplier.
If you tell us your budget, area, etc. desired conditions, we will propose a power station best suited to our customers along with the cooperating companies all over Japan.

Cleaning time shortened to one third Proposal of all-in-one detergent which increases employee retention rate by improving work efficiency

Increase work efficiency and increase employee retention
Super Eco Cleaner (Detergent)

Cleaning companies, buildings / real estate management, hotel industry, etc. Everyone, employee's turnover rate is high, Does not it cost huge expenses for job advertisement and education expenses?
This detergent reduces the "burden of cleaning" which is the cause. Moreover, there is a record that work efficiency has improved and the retention rate of employees has increased.
It is a multifunctional detergent with functions of cleaning, stainproofing, sterilization and deodorization. We propose to introduce "all-in-one detergent" super eco cleaner ".