Activities for world peace

Social Contribution Activities

Our head office is located in Hiroshima which is the city where the atomic bomb was dropped for the first time in human history.
For the peaceful future that children can live in peace of mind, we want to work hard in every way.
By contributing to the energy conversion from nuclear energy to renewable energy, we want to make a "peaceful future" where all our children can live with peace of mind.
That is why we are engaged in global environmental improvement projects centering on solar power plant intermediary sales.
We will introduce some of our efforts to support the creation of a peaceful future beyond business boundaries.

Challenge to create a peaceful future with children

Currently, more than 300,000 school trip excursions a year are visiting Hiroshima for peace learning.
They visited the Atomic bomb dome and peace museum, listening to the experiences of the survivors, learning the horror of nuclear weapons and the misery of war.
We are promoting peace education that children can continue to learn while exciting and can smile after learning. We lend 1000 cartons "The Hiroshima MIracle" (Author: Taeko Tada) free lending, and we do peace learning with primary school students.
Furthermore, we are promoting peace activities widely for adults, such as lecturers and workshops.
We will continue to challenge in order to create a peaceful future with our children.
For details on the activities, please visit the Peace Piece Project website.

Past Activity

August 2009 We tried Guinness with the creation of the world's largest folding origami crane and was certified

February 2010 formed the Hiroshima Olympic Games invitation team.
We held activities to invite the Olympics to Hiroshima.