Solar business

Proposal for solar power plant investment

We propose that investors will become owners of photovoltaic power plants.
Your solar power plant has the right to sell all electricity it generates to a Japanese electric power company.
That right lasted more than 20 years, you can gain profit from selling electricity.
We carefully selected an excellent photovoltaic power plant (investment yield of 9%) from the photovoltaic power stations throughout Japan.
We will introduce and sell you "The Premier Photovoltaic Power Plant" to you.

Why we can introduce excellent power plants nationwide

We started a mega solar project in 2010.
The following year, in March 2011, the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred in Japan.
The Government of Japan greatly stepped up renewable energy and the FIT Act was launched in 2012.

Since we have been developing the solar business since the start of the FIT Law, we have a strong network of sales and contractors throughout Japan.
Therefore, we can introduce premier power plant with investment yield of 9% to you.

It is not a photovoltaic panel attached to the roof. It is an outdoor photovoltaic power plant built on the flat ground.

We will sell a set of systems such as land and photovoltaic panels in sets.
There are two patterns to rent or purchase to get the land.
Popularity is growing centering on asset owners and investors.
The table below is a comparison with general investment projects.

Solar investment
Real Estate Investment
stock investment
Time deposit
Investment yield 5 to 9% 3 to 10% - 0.01 to 0.05%
Method of
collecting profits
Sell electricity to a power company such as TEPCO Rent income Market transaction Receipt after maturity
Characteristic Even if competition appears, electric trading is guaranteed by law, so it is not affected. The most stable investment.
Compared to deposits and savings, it is a high dividend and resembles real estate management.
Compared to real estate, there is no large maintenance cost and repair cost.
There is a risk of "zero occupant" of real estate. That is a management difficulty.
High skill is necessary such as the possibility of land price decline, selection of tenant recruitment, management system, selection of management company.
Low risk compared to stocks.
The profit / loss largely depends on market size.
High risk / high return.
There is a possibility of Loss of principal.
Although there is principal guarantee at fixed interest rate, interest rate is low.

Initial cost of photovoltaic power generation investment is around at least 30 million yen.
It is similar to real estate investment in that it collects with running.
The rental income referred to in real estate investment is the electricity sales income in solar power investment.
The point that is very different from real estate investment is that there are no vacancies and other risks.
Besides, there is no rent reduction and residents' trouble, and there is no need for repair / cleaning at the time of entering or leaving.
It is characterized by lower risk and higher investment yield than other investments.
However, the biggest feature is the high degree of realization of profitability simulation.
Solar power investment is guaranteed by national policy for 20 years power sale. Therefore, you can earn stable earnings.
It will rarely be affected by competition.

Mechanism of selling electricity to electric power companies (selling electricity)

Solar power plants accredited by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry can sell electricity to electric power companies such as TEPCO for 20 years at a certain price by the law "FIT method".
It gains the right to sell electricity. (Electric power companies are obliged to purchase electricity.)
The selling price changes every year.
How to determine the selling price is different before March 2015 and after April.
This will be explained in the next section. In any case, you can sell at the same price for 20 years from the start of sales.
The solar power plant proposed by us is high selling price of electric power.
By selling electricity at a power station where the selling price of electricity is high, monthly income will rise.

About the selling price of electric power

The price per power generated "1 kWh (kilowatt-hour)" is regularly decided by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Solar power plants accredited by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry can sell electricity to electric power companies such as TEPCO for 20 years at a certain price by the law "FIT method".
What is important here is WHEN you obtained the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry certification.
How to determine the selling price is different before March 2015 and after April.
If you acquire before March 2015, you can sell at the selling price for the year you received the certification.
If you acquire it after April 2015, you can sell at the selling price at the start of power sales.

Year of acquisition
of rights
Power selling price
(FIT price)
In case of starting
power generation
in June 2017
Power sale period Annual sales profit 20 years sales profit
FY2012 40 yen / 1 kWh 40 yen / 1 kWh
20 years
2 million yen 40 million yen
FY2013 36 yen / 1 kWh 36 yen / 1 kWh 1.8 million yen 3.6 million yen
FY2014 32 yen / 1 kWh 32 yen / 1 kWh 1.6 million yen 3.2 million yen
FY2015 Selling price
when power generation began
21 yen / 1 kWh 1.05 million yen 2.1 million yen

※Numbers when one power plant (panel for 200 tatami mats) of 50 kW generates 50000 kW per year.

We will introduce you photovoltaic power plants with high power selling price, approved in 2012 ~ 2014.
Therefore, it is possible to introduce properties with high investment yield.

We would like to introduce excellent properties with 9% investment yield with high power selling price to those who wish to invest 5 to 1 billion yen or more.

According to Teikoku Databank, the number of solar photovoltaic system sales and construction companies across the country is over 5,600 companies.
(From July 2014: "Investigation on the actual situation of 5665 companies sold in Teikoku Databank" solar power system sales ")
You do not have to ask a huge number of traders.
Please tell us the desired conditions such as region, budget etc.
Then we will scrutinize the information on the network of solar carriers nationwide for you and introduce only excellent properties with investment yield of 9%.
We will introduce photovoltaic power plants exceeding 5,000 tsubo from photovoltaic power plants of about 20 tsubo (tatami mats).

Please inform us of your desired conditions from the inquiry form.

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To the end ~ "Low carbon power supply" Value of solar power generation

The world's energy consumption continues to increase year by year.
How much more can you use the fossil fuel such as petroleum, coal and natural gas?
The Japanese government has been promoting energy conservation by reviewing energy policies since 2000, and is now shifting to a power generation method that protects limited resources and takes into consideration the impact on the environment.

Reducing CO2 emissions, the main cause of global warming, is a major issue.
In recent years, as the use of fossil fuels has increased rapidly, CO2 emissions have increased dramatically.
While the demand for energy in emerging countries is expected to sharply increase and the consumption of fossil fuels is expected to increase, the reduction of CO2 emissions is an urgent task to be taken on a global scale.
Accelerating energy consumption, limited resources, environmental impact.
With these problems, how to secure energy resources and supply electricity without lacking is a big theme all over the world.
In such energy situation, solar power generation called "low carbon power supply" which suppresses power consumption and hardly discharges CO2 is still increasing in value.
On this occasion, woluld you invest with solar power plants?
Your assets change the future of the earth.
We are honored if we can help you.